The BNJCA Draws for 2018-19 Post Xmas Competition


Look on the LATEST NEWS page each week to see if there are any updates. These

can be caused by school fetes, oval repairs or a multitude of other reasons, so please

check each week. These will also be advised on Facebook.


IMPORTANT!!!  These files below are updated with each change to the DRAW. The

changes will be shown in RED.  Print off a copy and distribute to your appropriate team.


Please discard and destroy earlier versions of the draw.


This site uses Adobe PDF files. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat reader click here and download the file. It's FREE




ALL games are played Friday nights

Clubs will advise commencement times


U8 Albany Super Sixes U8 Toombul Super Sixes U8 Ferny Super Sixes
U9 Albany Super Sixes U9 Toombul Super Sixes U9 Ferny Super Sixes




U8 Valley Super Sixes U8 TLCC Super Sixes U8 Wilston-Norths Super Sixes
U9 Valley Super Sixes U8 RCJCC Super Sixes U9 Wilston-Norths Super Sixes
  U9 TLCC Super Sixes  
  U9 RCJCCSuper Sixes  

There is NO draw for all these games. Speak to the organiser at each venue to find out where you are

 playing and against whom you are playing.  The game is very flexible and a team can be made up

from available players on the night, so if you have unavailable players you should still be able to

 make up a team using any reserves from other teams at the ground and play.




Click on the file name and it will open up as a PDF file and then click on the printer

icon in the menu in your browser to print the DRAW.  You can download all draws in

one file by clicking HERE (it is about 2 meg)


The location of all the grounds in the draws and the "Home" club can be found by

clicking here or by going to the e-Allrounder menu at left.


The various oval locations at ground maps for Ferny ovals, Sandgate Redcliffe ovals,

St Patricks ovals, St Pauls ovals, Everton Districts ovals, Wilston North ovals and

Kalinga Park ovals can be found by clicking the links.




Girls Under 11 Raymont Girls Under 10-11 Ferling
Girls Under 13 Barsby Girls Under 12-13 Perry
Girls Under 15 Prestwidge Girls Under 15 Jonassen
Under 10 Border Under 10 Buchanan
Under 10 Gillespie Under 10 Chappell
Under 10 Haddin Under 10 Hughes
Under 10 Kasprowicz Under 10 Lyon
Under 10 Ponting Under 10 Tazelaar
Under 10 Siddle  
Under 10 Walters  
Under 11 Bailey Under 11 Dymock
Under 11 Foley Under 11 Hayden
Under 11 Hartley Under 11 Thompson
Under 11 Langer  
Under 11 Smith  
Under 11 Taylor  
Under 12 Boyce Under 12 Bichel
Under 12 Cowan Under 12 Hauritz
Under 12 Faulkner Under 12 Trimble
Under 12 Healy  
Under 12 Khawaja  
Under 12 McDermott  
Under 12 Warne  
Under 13 Burns Under 13 Finch
Under 13 Henschell Under 13 Gilbert
Under 13 Kerr Under 13 Marsh
Under 13 Love  
Under 13 Townsend  
Under 14 Bracken Under 14 Lehmann
Under 14 Harris Under 14 McKay
Under 14 Johnson  
Under 14 Symonds  
Under 15 Hopes Under 15 Cutting
Under 15 Lillee Under 15 Fitness
Under 15 Reardon  
Under 15 Simpson  
Open Forrest Open Clarke
Open Lynn  
Open Renshaw  



U13 Reevesie Cup
U14 Anstey La Frantz Shield
U12 Casey Cup