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U11 & U12 results and stats - Rule Clarification

As advised in previous Delegate meetings, the U11 & U12 results and stats will

be recorded in MyCricket.





Your attention is drawn to Rule 14.3 (a) of the September 2016 Rule Book

relating to the special rules for under 11 and under 12 age groups, which states as follows -


 " Subject to Rule 14.3(c), both teams are to receive their full allocation of 50 overs batting

 over the two days, each receiving 25 overs in each of 2 quarters. Should a team be

dismissed all out before receiving 50 overs further innings shall be played by that team

until it has received 50 overs. "


This rule provides for some teams playing a third innings because that team has been

dismissed "all out" twice over 2 innings before having completed their allocation of 50 overs.

 The statistics for this 3rd innings in the past could be accommodated when match abstracts

were being used to record under 11 and 12 age group statistics, however this is now not

possible given that statistics for this age group are to be recorded into MyCricket.


It is therefore necessary to clarify the treatment of this third innings for statistical purposes.


For those situations when a team plays a third innings, this third innings is to be regarded, for

statistical purposes, as not being part of the game and is for practice only and no statistics

 shall be recorded by either team for that third innings.  Teams are to record only the

statistics that have been achieved over a maximum of two innings of a game - which is the

 essence of a true cricket game.    A third innings, even though statistics will not be recorded,

 is still encouraged when the opportunity presents itself so that in the spirit of Rule 14.3(a),

both teams gain the maximum 50 overs of game time over the two days.

Next seasons Rule Book will incorporate this explanation.

The new Rule for Storm Safety is below. You can download the new Rules booklet

using the link above.


The 30/30 Rule

If thunder follows a lightning flash by thirty (30) seconds or less play must cease

and players and officials leave the field immediately. Play must not resume until

thirty (30) minutes after the initial lightning flash. If during the suspension of play

thunder follows a lightning flash by thirty (30) seconds or less the suspension

period is to recommence.

Note. See Standard AS/NZS 1768:2007 “Lightning Protection”.


A 30 second time difference indicates the flash was within a 10km radius, a 15

second time difference is within a 5km radius, and a 3 second difference

indicates within a kilometre.